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Lost your Bike?

Has anybody lost a bike? This red and white bike has been lying in McAnulty (Stonefield) Public Park, Low Blantyre today, Sunday 27 October 2019. With nobody about it appears abandoned or perhaps was stolen? Its not far from the Sports Centre if needing reclaimed.

Stolen Bike

A thief has stolen a wee girl’s brand new bike from Victoria Street and bizarrely left another older one in its place. Last night, someone took the girls blue and purple bike from Victoria Street and left this green one (probably stolen as well ) in its place. The blue bike was new only a […]

Lost your BMX?

A white BMX bike was seen today, seemingly abandoned leaning against the wall in the Lane between Glasgow Road and Fernslea Avenue. It looks quite new and nobody was around, nor was it near any gate or garden. It’s white with the word ‘Spike’ and ‘Ollie’ on it. If it’s yours, the bike was certainly […]