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Blantyre Services Signage

The tall illuminated sign at Blantyre Services has been erected this morning. Contractors turned up with a crane today, Friday 8th October 2021 to install the large, EG Group Signage on Hillhouse Road. Entrance to the fuel station is via the Redburn Farm entrance, opposite the refuse tip. Please be aware earlier this morning, the […]

Breaking: Fuel Purchase Limits

BREAKING: NEWS EG Group is imposing a £30 limit on purchases of fuel due to “unprecedented customer demand”. As people have been panic buying fuel today, limits are no in force nationally for EG Group Petrol Stations. Demand at petrol stations around Blantyre has been higher than normal today with some queues forming in the […]

Get Ready for E10 Fuel

Motorists have just two weeks left to check their cars are compatible with the new, forthcoming E10 petrol, which is due to be introduced as the standard from September. The fuel is replacing E5 petrol – which contains up to five percent renewable ethanol – across the UK in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. But whilst the majority of cars will be […]

£99 Deposit for Filling up

Supermarkets including Tesco and Sainsbury’s are trialling a £99 holding deposit payment at their pumps. Drivers have been venting their anger this week after noticing a £99 deposit was taken from their account whilst they filled up. The idea being, a later transaction is made to “correct” the £99 deposit for the correct amount taken. […]

Spillage at Craig Street

There’s been a large fuel or oil spill the full length of Craig Street up towards Auchinraith Road and on Auchinraith Road itself. The spillage happened yesterday, Tuesday 25 August 2020 and the road is very slippy. It’s been reported it to South Lanarkshire Council. Please take care especially towards the junction.