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Anybody Found a Ring?

A diamond ring has been lost this morning, Tuesday 8th December 2020, perhaps around the ASDA Blantyre area. The engagement ring has huge sentimental value for the owner who is absolutely devastated. If anybody finds it, please can you comment below or get in touch. Please share.

Is this your ring?

A Gold ring has been found in Hamilton outside ‘Ramsdens’ on Christmas Eve. There is some Information inscribed on it. Annemarie & John are the names on it. Other info on the ring will be required as proof of ownership to reclaim it back. Tina Butler, who found the ring added, “It will be handed […]

Ring Back Home!

Remember last week when we reported on a missing Diamond Engagement Ring? You may recall losing the ring left Elizabeth McConnell devastated. Well, good news! The ring is now found and safely back with her! We can only imagine how pleased Betty will be to get this jewellery back before Christmas. Betty asks to pass […]

Lost Engagement Ring

Local lady Elizabeth McConnell needs our help! She has lost her beautiful engagement ring, this evening Wednesday 19th December 2018 and is devastated. The ring is the one pictured and may have been lost around the ASDA area. Elizabeth is offering a reward and is asking for all our help in sharing this post. If […]