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Sky Price Increases

Broadband and TV provider Sky has officially announced an average price increase of 8.1% for almost all of its customers. This is around £5 extra per month, or £67 extra per year. But the price increase you see will depend on which Sky services you use. If you’re affected by Sky’s price increases, you should […]

SKY launches new Channel

Parents! Do you have SKY TV? The broadcasting giant has added ‘Sky Kids’ as a brand new channel. At no extra cost to existing customers, it has no adverts whatsoever. The channel is aimed at ages one to seven and features a host of original Sky kids programmes. Channel 203.

Weird Pink Sky

Scotland was bathed in swathes of pink earlier this evening as the sky turned a weird, unusual colour. Over Blantyre, buildings and trees basked in a warm, purple, pink glow as the sun set. The eye catching spectacle only lasted a few minutes but was impressive. Did YOU manage to get any good photos? Photo […]

Red Sky At Night

We were absolutely inundated with photos of the beautiful sky at sunset last night, Monday 28th June. Such an array of spectacular colours photographed in and around Blantyre. Here’s a selection of amazing photos by local readers who kindly shared their pics. Sorry to the ex pats and readers who moved away. This may make […]

Morning Lava Sky

You would have to have been hidden away not to notice all the amazing photos online of the stunning morning sky earlier today. Skies above Scotland were lit up around 7am in the most dramatic fashion, the sky itself flaming red, like burning lava. With thanks to Chic Buchanan and Joanne McArthur for sending in […]

Sky Bills due to rise

Sky have today announced TV, phone and broadband charges are set to rise in April 2019. Whilst an annual increase is not largely unexpected, this years looks set to be over 5%, which for many people could an an average of £8 per month on their sky bills. Sky said it will be writing to […]

Strange Lights in Night Sky

Reports are coming in of strange activity in the nighttime sky last night, Saturday 12th March 2016, above Blantyre and indeed Central Scotland. Dozens of people in Blantyre alone are claiming to have witnessed a strange phenomenon, where white lines or lights appeared in the sky, then large red “balls of light” fell from the […]