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Skygazers will have the chance to see the first of TWO August supermoons later tonight. A supermoon occurs when a full moon is at its closest point to earth, making it appear closer and brighter than normal. Tonight’s supermoon, the first of two this month can be seen with darker skies and limited light pollution, so […]

Tonight is ‘Supermoon’ night!

Tonight is the perfect opportunity to see a rare “Supermoon”. Clear skies over Blantyre coincide with the full moon being closer to the earth that normal, means the moon will be brighter and larger than normal! Its going to be closest to the Earth — 221,772 miles to be exact and you can see it […]

Supermoon AND a lunar Eclipse

The night of September 27 will see both a supermoon and a lunar eclipse above our Blantyre skies – meaning that particular evening will have both the brightest, and then the darkest, moon of the year! In the early morning of Monday September 28, the moon will be extra close to the earth meaning it […]