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St Joseph’s Church Vandalism

It’s been a long, long time since anybody deliberately damaged a church in Blantyre. Unfortunately there has been an act of vandalism on St Joseph’s , Glasgow Road during last night. A window was smashed, a horrible thing to see, when you realise just how beautiful many of the windows are in this building. The […]

House Targeted on Main Street

A house on Main Street, High Blantyre had its windows smashed at the weekend. The incident happened around 6.30am on the morning of Sunday 26th January, the lowlife throwing in an empty bottle of buckfast and yellow spray paint, shattering the window on the door. Police were called. The woman resident is asking if anybody […]

Cars Targeted in Burnbank

A reminder to Blantyre residents not to leave valuables in your vehicles. This was the scene this morning in Burnbank, as cars were targeted by thieves. This car owner had her Dashcam stolen. Please report car breakins directly to Police in the first instance.

Vandalism at Priory Bridge

A resident in Priory Bridge awoke in the middle of the night, as a vandal or vandals smashed in the rear window on his vehicle. The incident happened around 3.30am in the early hours of Monday 25 February 2019 at Gordon Terrace, Priory Bridge, Blantyre. The shocked vehicle owner is asking for any information or […]