Exclusive: Village Generosity for Blantyre man

plane copyBlantyre man David Poneszkis has never been abroad in his life. When it was announced that Scotland would be playing football in Portugal, football fan David was gearing himself up for watching it on TV. However, thanks to the kind hearted people of Low Blantyre, David is now set to step on a plane and head out to sunny Portugal to see that very game LIVE!

This wonderful surprise was possible when regular customers in the Village Bar and in the surrounding Village area, clubbed together to take David to Portugal and even went to the trouble, with the help of arranging his passport for him.

This heartwarming action is a sure sign of the generosity and overwhelming community spirit the people of Blantyre have within them. His sister Mary Ann Poneszkis who lives in Bolton, England, speaking exclusively to Blantyre Telegraph told us, “It’s fantastic! He’s over the moon!


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