Exclusive: No Moans on the South Side

WP_20151002_17_14_57_ProResidents of Blantyre enjoyed a premiere screening of a new Blantyre film, “No Moans on the South side” yesterday, Friday 2nd October 2015 at the Miner’s Welfare Community Resource Centre.

The film was funded by the Lottery Heritage and was organised by Pits, Ponies, People and Stories as part of their 2 year project to tell the mining history of Lanarkshire.

The film looks at the Blantyre Disaster which took place on 22 October 1877 and remains Scotland’s largest mining disaster. ‘No Moans on the South Side’ looks at the event itself, as well as the days following the disaster including firsthand accounts. It was devised, created and performed by members of the community and led by Gordon Cook, Secretary of Blantyre Heritage Society.

Blantyre Telegraph attended the event in the community film theatre which ran from 5pm until 7pm. After an introductory excellent buffet, the 20 minute informative film was screened to the audience and was enjoyed by all. Later Gordon Cook took part in a question and answer session, touching on additional points about the Blantyre disaster and the aftermath. The film serves as a wonderful archive to the tragic events of 1877.

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