Our September Sales Figures

fundraising_groups1Thank you to everybody who bought our Blantyre Telegraph newspaper in September. We’ve now totalled the sales figure of £270.50 and added it the running total.

Daily Local Blantyre News, with all Monthly Newspaper sales going to local Good Causes.
Latest Summary
£1,825.00 Blantyre Project Book sales
£647.48 Blantyre Project Newsletter sales
£1,227.86 Blantyre Telegraph Newspaper sales
Latest Total Raised: £3,700.34

Well done everybody, thats just fantastic! We’ve been able to make some brilliant donations this month, which you’ll see on this page over the weekend. Please, PLEASE continue to support the Blantyre Telegraph. Our paper costs just £1 every month, and is a great read crammed full of useful information and interesting topical Blantyre related news. Separate posts will follow showing how the £270.50 was spent on local causes. Meantime, our next edition is now in shops from TODAY and available to download here https://theblantyretelegraph.wordpress.com/shop/


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