It WILL be snowing at the Festive Event

snowmachineOne of our favourite parts of the month, is when we’re able to make donations and gifts to individuals and organisations around Blantyre. As you probably know by now, all 100% of the sales of the Blantyre Telegraph offline newspaper go entirely to local good causes. It’s through the kindhearted people buying the paper, that these donations and gifts are made possible, so thank you.

Today, saw one of our most fun donations ever! We’ve bought a SNOW machine and 3 hours worth of “snow” and handed this to Blantyre Community Committee, for their planned Festive event in Blantyre on Sunday 29th November. This guarantees that regardless of the weather, there WILL be snow on the day, making a great photo opportunity for all. The event takes place in Stonefield Public Park from 12 noon until 5pm and we’ll soon be bringing you news of all the wonderful fun you can expect that day.

Tempting as it was to try it out, we didn’t and left it in the box. Altogether now, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!”


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