Our donation to Loanend Trust

windturbineIf you recall back to Spring 2015, a wind mast was proposed for Loanend, on the outskirts of Blantyre. Despite Blantyre heavily objecting by petitions to the Council’s office, the 50m mast was put up.

NOW, the new proposal is for an even HIGHER large Wind Turbine to be placed directly behind the cottages at Loanend, a mast of monumental proportions at 76.5m tall! (Thats HIGHER than the County Buildings in Hamilton and one which has even seen air traffic control object against.) Of course Blantyre already has other wind turbines and whilst sustainable energy can often be good for the environment, THIS particular mast is going to be seen from Blantyre itself, but with all the money it generates……wait for it…..going to Rutherglen’s community via the ironically named charity, Healthy n Happy. It is confirmed that Blantyre itself and the Loanend residents will see no benefit at all, either financially, economically or aesthetically.

Needless to say, Loaned residents are angered once again, and as they feel very much part of Blantyre, they have recently asked for our help to ensure they are not ignored again at the next planning decision. (Thats the help of not just ourselves, but each and every person in Blantyre). Loanend is proud of its rich heritage just as much as we are in the middle of Blantyre. They feel part of our town. They cannot be left alone to fight this large company and wind turbine developer.

Blantyre Telegraph feels very strongly that we should support the residents of Loanend, who are about to launch a massive campaign of protest against the turbine and we realise wind turbines can be an emotive subject. We openly pledge our support to the residents there and assure them, they wont be alone this time. Our donation adds to their Trust fund, set up to pay for legal costs, campaign costs and experts advice. Next week, we’ll be running a story with how you can object or have your say, coinciding with the launch of the Loanend campaign.


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