Exclusive: MP objects to Flemington Wind Turbine

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 09.38.08The controversial and deeply unpopular Flemington and Loanend wind turbine proposed at 76.5m high has received enormous level of objection to the proposal, not just from residents who live near to it and nearby towns, but has also been objected to fiercely by local businesses, local community groups and councils and now is objected to by local politicians too.

Representing the area of Blantyre, Halfway and Cambuslang, Margaret Ferrier, MP has sent to South Lanarkshire Council planning office, a very well constructed letter of objection against the unwanted turbine.

With just one letter of support submitted from the entire Loanened and Blantyre areas most impacted by the turbine and with over 400 letters of objection (as of last weekend) from within the 2km buffer zone itself, Margaret clearly has realised the impact of this turbine on the immediate community and has seen through the tailored ill conceived and inaccurate responses that the developer is frantically cascading bizarrely far off, in Rutherglen media reports.
Importantly, she has set out valid material planning considerations, as follows. Her main concerns are namely:-

1. Real risk that this site will turn into an unofficial wind turbine location in future.
2. Healthy n Happy (HnH) has failed to follow any effective engagement within the local community and community councils including those bordering the site.
3. The proposal is not in the spirit of a community development project.
4. HnH have failed to follow Scottish government guidance on this development proposal.
5. The concept of community benefit is not a material consideration in considering this planning application. She is incredibly concerned this guidance has been disregarded by HnH.
6. Overall there has been a serious departure and deliberate attempt by HnH to conflate the concept of and approach to community benefit and the planning application process.

The campaign for objection has got off to a dream start for protestors intent on protecting the greenbelt around Blantyre and Halfway, with the campaign for support peppered in accuracy, misrepresentation following “a rushed and error laden application.”

You can lodge your objection here:

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