Donation to Blantyre Vics

blantyrevicsWe like to support local businesses as well as individuals, so when we saw this wonderful old photo from 1893, of a fledgling Blantyre Vics Club and knew the club hadn’t seen it before, we decided to pay for an A3 huge print of the photo and donate it to them.

The photo was formerly handed over to Tommy at Blantyre Vics on Sunday 1st May 2016 and we’re assured it is to go pride of place on to their clubhouse wall.

The £18 print was commissioned from sales of last month’s Blantyre Telegraph newspapers using some of the funds raised. The print original belongs to Blantyre resident Jack Bethel, who kindly gave us permission a while back to do this for the club. The stories of these players in detail are being explored by ‘The Blantyre Project.’ Many thanks again to Jack.


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