Exclusive: Barbaric Discovery in Blantyre

We would warn you in advance that some readers may find this story distressing:

It is with the utmost disgust and revulsion that we exclusively report tonight of several confirmed incidents of young deer being culled deliberately by poachers around the Blantyre area.

In what can only be described as a horrific culling, the skinned caucuses of at least 3 fawns have been found in scenic areas around Blantyre. In an absolute new low for our greenspaces, it would appear the deer are being targeted by shameless individuals for their pelts and for the prime venison part, leaving behind everything else.

The poachers have been busy too, targeting deer wherever they can be found and safely disposed of without prying eyes.

The first grim discovery was made near the Milheugh bridge near Malcolmwood, by young children. The owner of these pictures showing the skinned deer, told Blantyre Telegraph this afternoon, “We were walking our children (ages 6 & 10) to school. When we came across this at the side of the road. It’s quite obvious this is happening in the very early hours of the morning, (Wednesday in this case), and it’s probable that they are using silenced high power rifles. It was distressing for all.”

A local lady walking her dogs then made the terrible discovery of finding another two at Loanend Viaduct, this time more hidden and not far from the resident’s homes. Countryside Rangers from the Council have been contacted and local environmental groups alerted. Environmental Health Dept were called and have subsequently removed the remains of the 3 animals which threatened to become maggot infested.

Deer numbers in Blantyre rapidly fell away in the 20th Century and it is only in more recent post Millennium years that numbers of this species have started to recover. Deer have been a common sight at Loanend, Milheugh, Auchentibber, Calderside and Priory. These beautiful and usually timid creatures have thrived in the greenbelt surrounding our town in the last 10 years especially, as captured here by local photographer, Jim Brown. The “live deer” photos are all pictured around Blantyre between 2010 and now.

Culling these deer a crime and the game is up! The people doing this should be ashamed. In our humble opinion, it is a vile act and these creatures are NOT your property or sport. We would like to think nobody in Blantyre would ever be involved in such barbaric act. As these poachers get more blatant, it raises the question, how many more have ACTUALLY been killed and still remain undiscovered?!

Have your say? How has seeing this story made you feel? Can something be done? What should be done?


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