Auchentibber War Memorial

img_3123An important story next, one which we hope everybody in Blantyre takes an interest in. The Auchentibber War Memorial at Sydes Brae, High Blantyre is showing considerable signs of deterioration. Rain intrusion, render falling off, cracked marble, and seals no longer waterproof. It’s in dire need of repair.

Additionally, the area is heavily trafficked, which was never the intention when built in 1923. It’s having an impact on the condition of the Memorial. Local residents have also suggested it it not safe to park beside and is noisy during remembrance services. To preserve the life of the Memorial, something has to be done.

Following a series of community meetings in September and October, South Lanarkshire Council Cemeteries department are now liasing with several interested stakeholders in Blantyre including The Baptist Church , Blantyre Heritage Group, The Blantyre Community Council, Blantyre Telegraph, The Auchentibber WI and residents from the area. The most recent public meeting on 24th November announced the intention to explore options available to either repair or replace the Memorial. Options include renovating the Memorial where it is or possibly rebuilding it altogether for which substantial grants may be available for. Such a rebuild would be sympathetic to ensure it looks the same dimensions and construction type.

We took an action to create a poll to gauge level of support for the various proposals. Please take just 60 seconds to answer 4 short multiple choice questions.

-Your opinion matters, results are shown transparently following your vote (which is anonymous)
-You can only vote once and results will be compiled and given to South Lanarkshire Council and the other stakeholders.
-Have your say. Repair or Replace?

Here’s the link. Please share after voting. Thanks.


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