Donate for Conor’s children

WOW! We only launched this campaign a week ago and already kind hearted Blantyre people have dug incredibly deep raising £440 for the 3 children of Conor Morgan, the 45 year old truck driver who recently died on site in Blantyre.

Our fundraising campaign hopes to buy each of his children a gift and to let them know people are thinking of them at this sad time.

50% of your total donations will go directly to his children, via Conor’s employer, and a matching 50% will go to the Light House Club, a charity for bereaved families of construction workers.

The campaign ends on 27th May 2017, and funds will be distributed 6 days after, confirmed on this page.

YOU can donate just £1 (or whatever you wish) for these kids, who have lost a loving father. We all have our life problems, but none by comparison to the loss these 3 kids are going through. Blantyre DOES care.

Don’t forget to share the link on your page afterwards. Lets make this continue to go viral!

Donations can be made anytime by clicking the “Donate” button at the top of Blantyre Telegraph’s page or by clicking the link below. Payment is secure by Paypal or card. Thank you.…/donateonepoundforconor

Disclaimer: Blantyre Telegraph is a non profit local news page. It exists solely to be able to run charitable fundraising causes like this. Its why we spend so much time making this page as best as it can be. We retain 0% of funds raised, which entirely go to charitable causes, relevant to Blantyre.

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