Royal Gala Winners 2017

Gala Winners 2017We’re absolutely delighted to announce the SIX lucky Blantyre children who will be crowned as “Blantyre Royalty” at this years forthcoming Gala Day.

Congratulations go to:

Blantyre Gala Queen 2017: Bethany McBride (7)
Blantyre Gala King 2017: Jon – Pol Hull (10)

and also to:

Lord Blantyre 2017: Zac Boyd (8)
Lady Blantyre 2017: Daisy Geddes (8)
Prince of Blantyre 2017: Lochlan Greenhill (9)
Princess of Blantyre 2017: Orlagh Smith (9)

The six children aged between 7 and 10 were randomly chosen by the Blantyre Community Committee Board members and represent a good mix of all local Primary Schools in Blantyre.

With a day of pampering, being looked after, goodies and a crowning on stage in front of thousands of Blantyre people, these lucky children are in for a special treat. It’ll be a day they remember for the rest of their lives! We’re sure you’ll join us in congratulating all the winners and sincere thanks go out also to everybody who entered.

The Gala takes place on Sunday 11th June from midday at David Livingstone Centre.

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