Privacy Concerns at Priory Bridge

Drone spotted at woman’s bedroom window

A Blantyre lady was left shocked on the afternoon of Saturday 17th February 2018, when she spotted a drone outside, hovering and apparently spying into her bedroom window.

The woman, who lives at Dalcraig Crescent and wishes to remain anonymous contacted us this evening hoping to make others aware of what was perceived as a serious breach of her privacy.

Drone spotted

She told us, “At 5.25pm, just as it was getting dark, I was in my bedroom on the upper floor facing the back garden of my house when I happened to see a red drone hovering outside my window! It was stationary and at the same level as my window. As I rushed to take a video of it, it quickly moved out of my sight and started to fly over the roof of the house and away.”

At the time of this incident, perhaps unrelated and innocent, a neighbour spotted a white van with 3 men inside it looking intently at the house.

Police contacted

The concerned lady decided to phone the police. She continued, “I’m now paranoid and worried that I’ve been recorded on this drone. I just want people in Blantyre to know this as this was an extremely uncomfortable, upsetting, new experience. I don’t believe this was kids doing this.”

Police Officers attended the house tonight just after 6pm and took a statement. Police confirmed nobody should be flying drones near houses and the toys/image capture devices should not be above private gardens or near windows. The incident is being treated seriously. Door to door enquiries are now tonight underway at Priory Bridge Housing Estate in the immediate vicinity. A statement from the neighbour who saw the van at the same time has been sought.

For assurance, we can confirm that multiple police patrols will be in place tonight again throughout Blantyre.Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 00.09.09


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