Dalcraig Crescent Prowler Spotted

28279385_1719413801413006_6642472127550680853_nIn the last 20 minutes (8pm), a man has been spotted systematically looking into home windows on Dalcraig Crescent. The street is quiet due to the weather, something this garden prowler may be using to his advantage. Police have been alerted and are en route.

The man was seen peering into a neighbour’s kitchen window and acting suspiciously around their driveway at the beginning of Dalcraig Crescent.

The home owners have been alerted. The householder who saw him kept an eye on him watching him going up driveways and looking into windows before shouting over to him.


The description has similarity to the same lone individual in yesterday’s Springwell incident. Namely;

Tall, roughly 6ft, dark jeans, black bomber style jacket and a dark bobble hat.

He may still be in the vicinity of Priory Bridge or Coatshill. We would ask all residents in low Blantyre to look out for this man, be vigilant and keep doors locked.

It’s surely a matter of time before this person is caught for causing so much unsettling havoc.


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