In a Hurry – Today at a Glance

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 09.44.40Here’s what you need to know

With more snow fallen last night,significant disruption is expected today, Wed 28th February 2018.


All South Lanarkshire Schools and Nurseries are Closed today (Wed), meaning all Blantyre schools and council nurseries are shut. North Lanarkshire and Glasgow City Councils have also closed all their schools.

There is no word as yet about Thursday, but with more snow forecast, there is a strong possibility of further closures.


Significant disruption is expected today on rail routes to and from Glasgow Central Low level, due to a signalling fault. Travelling from Blantyre? You’re going to be disrupted with intermittent services.


Are bad out there. If any gritting was done (and SLC say they’ve been out all night), its not immediately apparent. Housing estates particularly bad. EK Expressway passable. One lane is clear on the M8 heading into Glasgow, which despite the weather is still expected to get busy before 9am. It’s currently slow and steady.

Similarly on the M74, whilst passable, roads are in atrocious conditions. Scottish Government and Met office’s statement say avoid all road travel today if possible, but if you must get to work, you should be prepared for significantly longer journeys.


Are still running, but will be subject to disruption. If you’re going by bus, best check with your bus company. First Buses frustratingly have no updates on their website this morning.


Glasgow Airport have issued a statement saying they’ve temporarily suspended operations as of 7.15am this morning whilst they work to clear runways. However, most flights are still scheduled although some localised airlines have cancelled a few already. Backlog of flights is highly possible. Best check with your airline if you’re travelling by air. More info here


More snow is expected. For Blantyre in immediate area, temperatures will be down to minus three today, meaning no melting! Frequent snow flurries on and off today may be heavy at times, especially between 2pm and 7pm later today, which are expected to continue into Thursday.

Stay safe, check on neighbours and be warm folks.


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