Shocking Waiting Time

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 18.32.23Local lady Andrea Oakes is well known throughout Blantyre’s Community. She’s part of the Friends of the Calder group and has a real passion for being outdoors, walking in the Calder with her dog Fallon. However, 2018 has not been kind to Andrea, when following headaches, she recently discovered she has a brain tumour.

She had an MRI via NHS but astonishingly was then told, due to a lack of neuro surgeons within the NHS, she would have to wait SIX MONTHS before being invited in to discuss the results…… a truly shocking situation!!

Naturally intensely worried, Andrea approached her MSP last week but has been advised it’s still in the hands of the NHS. Friends and family have rallied, but with Andrea’s NHS consultation now scheduled for the end of this year, she has been left in limbo.

One solution is to bypass the NHS failure and to have a  PRIVATE consultation, with the MRI redone, with immediate consultation and discussion afterwards. It would mean not waiting until the end of the year. Andrea desperately wishes to know what has to be done next and to better understand the severity of her condition.

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Fundraiser for PRIVATE Medical attention

Her kind friends have set up a donation page, where it is hoped that enough money can be raised for Andrea to have a PRIVATE MRI and Consultation, to at least give her the answers she so desperately needs. In just one day, people in the community have kindly rallied with totals almost met, but just needs a little push more.

Blantyre Telegraph kindly asks if Blantyre’s Community can help by donating just a little, to ensure this lady who has been through SO much already can do so, at a pace deserving of the diagnosis. With your help, we can smash the target and get Andrea the consultation she needs so urgently. We also invite Councillors, MSPs, MPs and indeed anybody working in the private health sector that can assist or offer positive advice, to come forward and comment.

If YOU would like to donate to help Andrea, you can do so here:

If you’ve donated already, please share.

Humbled and a little embarrassed by this generosity, Andrea who is a Pearl Jam and Aha fan, told us , “Whoever you are, however I know you, please know that I don’t take your gift lightly. It means the world and I will use it wisely to see a Private consultant asap. Thank you xxxx”

This article has been written with Andrea’s permission with her requested focus being on the shocking waiting times she’s had to endure.



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