Bridge Damaged Again


Just two weeks after the Pech Brae re-opened at the Calder and following a month of repairs made to the Milheugh stone bridge, the structure has ALREADY been damaged by vehicles!

This is the huge scrape left on the sandstone confirming local residents concerns that the bridge is too narrow at the approach abutments. Two lorries ignored the sign at Flemington and recently headed down the road past Malcolmwood, getting stuck at the hill leading down to the bridge. The first reversed back up the hill. The second obviously tried it and got stuck, as can be seen from this photo.

The bridge was repaired using taxpayers money, with evidence some sections had entirely new sandstone blocks.

Have your say. Should the council have used the closure to widen the approaches?  Have YOU had bother turning or driving at that location? Have YOU witnessed vehicles being stuck?

Photo: J Cochrane


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