Roads Update: Douglas Street

roadsProgress Report: Douglas Street

Following our online survey on 19th July inviting you to comment on what Blantyre roads need attention and our subsequent written complaint on your behalf sent to the roads department, South Lanarkshire Council have now provided a detailed response. We’ll be featuring the full report here throughout the course of the coming week.

Douglas Street, High Blantyre

Many of you asked why only the northern top junction at Douglas Street was recently fully resurfaced, leaving the bottom half and under the Expressway still full of potholes? It has been confirmed that the southern section of the carriageway WILL be fully resurfaced as early as September 2018.

This will be part of junction improvement works, which will see the installation of new traffic signals being put in at the same time at the eastbound off ramp coming off the A725 EK Expressway. This necessary work will remove lengthy queues and reduce waiting times to turn on and off this ramp at Douglas Street and will operate in peak rush hours.

In the interim, localised carriageway repairs have been instructed to maintain that bottom part of the road in a safe condition until the junction works commence.

More roads updates to follow….


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