Crime: Nordic Crescent

alertNordic Crescent. In a similar occurrence to an incident last month, a man was observed last night attempting to break into a home in Nordic Crescent, Blantyre.

At 11.40pm just before midnight on Saturday 22nd September 2018, a male homeowner in Nordic Crescent heard strange noises at his front door. Upon checking it became clear there were 2 men trying to enter his home.

The resident, overcome by fear, did not phone police, but with the door locked, waited until the 2 men trying his front door gave up.

A black Audi was observed outside and the 2 men got into it and drove away. This suspicious activity was almost identical to a similar incident elsewhere in the street on 3rd August 2018. It is thought the persons involved may be trying to target expensive vehicles and hoping that people have left doors unlocked to access car keys.

We would recommend any resident in this situation immediately phones police, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. Police need to gather these sort of reports directly at the time to stand the best chance of catching whoever is doing it. It also helps them build up patterns of occurrences and common themes.

Please be vigilant, especially in darker hours, keep your keys away from doors, lock up properly each evening and ensure your car doors are locked, ideally garaged.


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