Crime Roundup: Last night


We signed off early last night so unfortunately missed several alerts late, messaged into the Telegraph just before and after midnight. So, apologies for the lateness of this post, but it’s now posted anyway for the sake of ongoing awareness, relating to last night.

Crime roundup for evening of Tuesday 9th October 2018:

Door handles were tried last night around 11.20pm in Harkins Avenue, just off Burnbrae Road. The person doing this was unsuccessful and was later observed in the surrounding area. He is described as male, in his mid 20’s, he has black hair and is around five foot five. He was wearing a dark red hoodie with jeans.

A young man, aged 19 was jumped last night in Glasgow Road between Church Street and the printers. He was punched in the chest in an unprovoked attack by 2 unknown males, described as being younger than himself and wearing black hoodies. Police were alerted afterwards once he got home.

As darkness fell last night, a lady got her train at Blantyre Station to make her way home from work. As she got to the middle of Farm Road, she became quickly aware of a male  beside her, who seemed to have appeared from nowhere. As she walked on, trying to ignore the man, she noticed he was standing “rubbing his groin” before running off when noticed.

The lady described the male as having a strong unpleasant smell of urine. He had a blue bag on his back and was just acting very strangely, even ahead of disgusting behaviour. A resident of Blantyre who alerted us, added, “My partner was left shocked and phoned me right away in a panic. The man seemed to disappear as if he had ran away or was hiding. Can you please highlight this incident, to let people know this is going on and especially if ladies are walking in darkness.”


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