Thank you Readers!

Wow! We put a call out to readers tonight to see if they could help with our £235 business hosting costs, an annual charge we normally fork out. AND what a response!

In just TWO hours, 56 very kind readers had covered the entire amount! Such generosity was completely unexpected and warmly welcomed. Having our 2019 costs covered is amazing and we think reflects the popularity of the website.

It truly is “A Wonderful life!”

Further Information

A huge thanks, (in no particular order) to the following supportive readers: Jim Boland, Ronnie Samson, Marie Callaghan, Margo Haughen, Charles Cunningham, Alan Craig, Kerry Hutchison, Catherine Docherty, Lea Brown, David McAllister, Vicki Pollock, Deborah Amimer, Isabel McLean, Janet Nicol, Alan Rochead, Barbara Primas, Maureen Elliot, James Smith, Stuart Dunsmuir, Stephen McDerment, Ian Conor, Lisa Nugent, Josephine Duncan, Melissa McGrory, Janet MacKenzie, Nicola Carson, Jack Ferguson, Leeann Jolly, Alison Martin, Sharon McCafferty, Jane Graham, Josh Bence, Patrick Irwin, Susan Gallagher, Stephen Brown, Drew Semple, Patrick Neil, Tom Brown, B&B Autocare Ltd, The Tyre Man, Helen Lindsay, Fiona Jones, Elizabeth Glackin, Margo Belton, Karen Craigens, Jayne Walker Price, Alyson Ann Dick, Margaret Williamson, Patricia Logue, Kathleen Duffy, Angela Whyte, Jennifer McIntosh, Shirley Fallon, Suzanne Crosthwaite, Joan McClure, Sandra Goodall and Kirsty Coyle.

Our target has been reached, but if anybody still wishes to make a supportive donation, they can do so here on our sister website, “Blantyre Project”. Thanks.


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