Wrong Direction on Expressway

This is the terrifying moment when a van entered the EK Expressway slipway in the WRONG direction almost causing an accident.

Around 12.45 this afternoon, Wednesday 23 January 2019 passengers in a car coming off the EK Expressway at Crossbasket snapped this picture of a reddish pink van heading UP the off slipway in the wrong direction.

The van continued up the slipway, on to the EK Expressway, forcing others like this car to slow down and or pull over, itself an accident waiting to happen.

Incredibly, this is the THIRD such incident since August last year and it follows a tragic fatality near Whistleberry a few months ago. That’s just the incidents we heard about!

Enough is enough. This post asks for action by Blantyre Councillors and for Blantyre Community Council to consider petitioning for better signage, in the interests of driver safety. The signage preventing people from entering this slipway and others in Blantyre is poor, small and being small, may have been obscured by a light covering of snow.

Some cars still maintain 60 or 70 mph coming down that Expressway sliproad. Please all be careful.

The passenger who took this photo told us, “Just letting you know to tell people to be careful when coming off slip roads. The car I was in had to stop suddenly, which cause a small skid. It could have been a lot worse!”


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