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Hot off the Press! Statistics on crime in the Blantyre area have now been made available for the monthly period from 14th January 2019 to 19th February 2019.

During this period, 524 incidents were reported to police in the Blantyre area. From these incidents a total of 112 crime reports were
raised (21%) and from these crime reports 39 were detected (investigated) (35% detection rate).

A breakdown of these reports are as follows;
– 1 murder within Greenhall Park (this is well documented throughout news outlets and enquiries are ongoing)
– 2 were for serious assault which were both detected.
– 10 common assaults with 3 being detected.
– 13 were for a breach of the peace and 10 of these were detected.
– 6 Misuse of Drug offences with all 6 being detected.
– 33 reports of crimes of dishonesty which includes – theft by shoplifting, theft by housebreaking, thefts from motor vehicles etc.

David Moon, the Community Police officer commented,
“Over the past month, there has been a significant rise in thefts / attempted theft from motor vehicles. Police are investigating each and every one of these reports and are currently progressing enquiries.”

“The community of Blantyre are encouraged to report any suspicious person(s) immediately to police be dialling 101 to allow each incident to be reported and have police attend as soon as possible. Further to this, can all members of the community be reminded to ensure that no personal items are left on display within vehicles and to ensure that all vehicles are locked. Should the cold weather return, please ensure that vehicles are not left running and unattended to defrost as vehicles can easily be stolen.”

“Further to this, Community Police Officers have continued to provide high visibility patrols as much as they can including cycle patrol and have attended several schools/nursery’s this month to engage with young children. We have also spent a lot of our time dealing with parking complaints and ask that all drivers park their vehicles respectfully.”

We will continue to publish community police reports, once they’re available in the public domain or passed directly to us.

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