Owners Fined after Tsunami Crash

The owners of M&Ds themepark have been fined £65,000 this week, following the derailment of the Tsunami Rollercoaster.

When we exclusively revealed this story back in June 2016, thousands of people were shocked to learn that 5 gondolas had derailed plunging to the ground, some with children trapped.

Nine people were injured. M&Ds pleaded guilty to charges relating to the Health and Safety at Work Act at Hamilton Sheriff Court on Friday. Their guilty plea saw the fine of £100,000 reduced to £65,000.

One man, who can’t be named because the crash victims are under 18 commented, “For a company bragging a turnover of £8m to be fined £65,000 is disappointing.”

It is our understanding that the company was insured for loss of income, receiving a sum of around £1.4m. As for the people injured, many are still recovering, with developed fears of fairgrounds, choosing not to return.

M&’s have now introduced a new, more detailed, maintenance recording system which records any work carried out to ensure that repairs can be traced accurately.

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