Smack Shocker at Victoria Street

A Blantyre man was both disgusted and concerned this evening to find a sealed packed of drugs in a local park.

Earlier tonight, Thursday 21 March 2019, a packet of what appears to be “smack” was found in the grass area at Victoria Street, likely accidentally dropped by a drug user.

The man promptly handed it into the Police Station, officers confirming it was indeed drugs.

This comes at a time of growing evidence of drug use in the area, ever increasingly in public places. Needles were found at bus stops, and even only today , found lying outside Glenlee Primary School in Burnbank. Combined with a growing spate of vehicle breakins, it doesn’t make for good reading.

We cannot even begin to imagine the dangers of that find, if for example it had been eaten by a dog, or worse, sampled by a curious child!

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