Knife Found in Garden

A woman living in Blantyre contacted police today after discovering a knife in her back garden.

The shocking discovery was made at the side of a house in Lintlaw, Coatshill today Sunday 24 March 2019.

When she investigated further, she found that somebody had been prowling around, had climbed over her fence and unlocked a gate. She felt compelled to phone the police after discovering the knife.

Of concern, this report follows 2 others we’ve received this weekend of similar disturbances, especially around the Kirkton Park area in High Blantyre and Glenfruin Road, where side gates had been left open, disturbed overnight, and discoveries of tying wire on downpipes, used by prowlers as “makeshift steps” to access roofs and higher places.

Clearly there’s a prowler back on the scene.

Until they’re caught, please be vigilant for any signs of suspicious activity, especially in dark hours. Always report such matters to police and continue to look out for items moved around the exterior of your properties or in gardens, checking windows, doors and downpipes for anything which shouldn’t be there!

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