Royal Gala Kids Chosen

Winners Chosen

Tonight, Blantyre Community Committee announced that EIGHT lucky children have been chosen to represent the Gala Royals at Blantyre Summer Gala on Sunday 16th June 2019.

For the last few weeks, Susan Lindner over at Bonnie Blantyre has been collecting local nominees and hosted an excellent random draw today which included many members of the community! You can see the live random draws on the Bonnie Blantyre page here:

These EIGHT lucky kids are going to be pampered on that special day with their names engraved in history representing our town’s gala. We promise these children will remember this fun experience for the rest of their lives.


Blantyre Gala Queen is Eva ELLIOTT (8)
Blantyre Gala King is Liam FORD (7)

Assisted by:

Lord Blantyre Sam MCDONALD (10)
Lady Blantyre Charlie MILNE (7)
Prince of Blantyre Logan FAULKNER (7)
Princess of Blantyre Kody NICOL (9)
Duchess of Blantyre Kara O’BRIEN (8) and
Duke of Blantyre Jack DOWNIE (9)

CONGRATULATIONS to the lucky winners and thank you very much to over 100 others who entered and were unsuccessful. There’s always next year!

Parents and guardians of the winners will likely be looking for further details of the day.


1. The 8 Children are asked to be available on Sunday 16th June 2019 between 11.20am and 1.00pm. Venue will be McAnulty (Stonefield) Public Park.
2. They can dress smartly but may want to bring a change of clothes for the rest of the day after the crowning.
2. Hired Robes, crowns will be provided. Medals and goodie bags will be given out to keep!
3. The girls hair will be done on that morning as well as arranging other surprises.
4. Important: The Committee ask that the postal addresses of each child is messaged to their page asap. Alternatively the addresses can be emailed to
5. Stretch limos will pick up each child from their home address between 11.20am and 11.40am on Sunday 16th July 2019. There is only room in the limo for the Gala Winners, so guardians or parents can follow behind or meet them at the park. The cars, courtesy of the Co-Op will drive around Blantyre for a “right royal tour” before the kids arrive at the Gala behind the sports centre around midday. The kids will officially open the gala.
6. The kids will then be crowned up on the stage around 12.30. After the crowning, kids may wish to change into something more casual to enjoy the rest of the fun. Hired Robes to be left with the Committee afterwards.
7. They’ll be plenty of opportunity for photos and we guarantee they’ll be in local newspapers! We have other nice surprises in store too.

Any other questions meantime can be addressed to Blantyre Community Committee.

Once again, special thanks to Susan Lindner who made this complex competition appear seamless.


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