Looking for Marie

Reader Andrea MacDoanld messaged us saying, “My 73 year old Mum, Ann Lowe, had a really bad fall on Sunday 14/7/19 in Stonefield Crescent near to Broompark Road.

She was assisted by two lovely people … David Fowler who took her to the hospital……and a lady who stopped her car. She had her daughter with her. All we know is that her name is Marie and we would love to get her details to thank her. She phoned my brother to let him know what had happened as he stays locally and he phoned me to head over from Stirling. Arlene McWilliam has assisted in identifying David Fowler so I will be dropping off a card and a wee bottle of wine to him. “

Andrea is looking to try to find the mystery local heroine, Marie. She tol us, “I would like to trace her or pass on our thanks and also to let everyone know what good people there are in Blantyre. Mum is back home although badly battered and bruised with a broken nose and some stitches on her face.”

We hope Andrea’s mother makes a speedy recovery and perhaps “Marie” can be traced.


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