Run for Meningitis Research Foundation

Local lady Yvonne Robertson is fundraising for Meningitis Research Foundation and has a very good reason to do so.

At 15 weeks her son Joey was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

Yvonne told us, “On Friday 4th January we called NHS 24 as Joey had a slight temperature and was crying a lot which wasn’t like him. We saw a doctor at out of hours who sent us to Wishaw general as a precaution as Joeys temperature would not come down.”

“He said he had no signs of major infection but he wanted a second opinion. On arrival at Wishaw general Joey was screaming so much the doctor sent him for an urgent lumber puncture. Within an hour they confirmed he had meningitis and started him on a wide spectrum of antibiotics immediately.”

Thankfully Joey started to respond to the antibiotics quickly and after spending 2 weeks in hospital, little Joey made a good recovery. He recently had a check up with the meningitis consultant who is pleased with his progress and development.

This is a family who have been extremely lucky. Their quick action and insistence with medical staff ensured Joey received the necessary antibiotics within a few hours. Meningitis is deadly; killing and seriously disabling in hours. Small children and young adults are high risk, but all ages can be affected. Globally 1,000 people die daily.

Yvonne continued, “So many other families are devastated by this disease. We are trying to raise as much funds and awareness as possible. That’s why myself and a group on friends and family are taking part in the great Scottish run.”

The Great Scottish run for the kids is sat 28th September 2019 and for adults, Sunday 29th September.

The runners are: Yvonne Robertson, Mari Mcgregor, Nicole Robertson, Vicky Hamilton, Tracy Smith, Susan Bennett, Lisa Morley, Kirsty Boyd, Gillian Hughes, Tracey Dalziel, Debbie Dalziel, Angela Russell, William Russell , Stephen Daly and Jamie Kyle.

And kids running are Jamie Daly, Adam Daly and Millie Smith.

Donate to Yvonne’s JustGiving page here:


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