Bottle Deposit Scheme Expands

When it comes to recycling plastic and drinks cans in Blantyre, Family Shopper in Man Street, High Blantyre is certainly leading the way!

Their fantastic bottle deposit (reverse vending) has been a huge hit since it was installed, giving people back vouchers or being able to donate to charity in exchange for depositing bottles and cans.

Well, the scheme has now expanded and now you can ALSO deposit GLASS bottles (alcohol and soft drinks bottles)!

Blantyre customers have chosen 4 very worthwhile charities to be featured. Every month The Haven, Eilidhs Rainbow, Reach Lanarkshire Autism and Hi-Babs will be paid out of the collective deposits.

So what you waiting for! Gather up your bottles, cans and bottles, get involved with recycling and help the community TODAY!
Note: Deposits are limited to one binbag on each visit.

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