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Bottle Deposit Scheme Expands

When it comes to recycling plastic and drinks cans in Blantyre, Family Shopper in Man Street, High Blantyre is certainly leading the way! Their fantastic bottle deposit (reverse vending) has been a huge hit since it was installed, giving people back vouchers or being able to donate to charity in exchange for depositing bottles and […]

New Recycle and Reward scheme

Blantyre Family Shopper store lead the way in Recycle and Reward initiative. The Haven, a registered charity which provides support to people affected by a range of life limiting illness and to their family members and carers and supports people across the whole of North and South Lanarkshire through its centres in Blantyre, Wishaw and […]

Exclusive: Blantyre sponsors of Alistair Hughes

Blantyre’s Alistair Hughes of Morven Ave is in America on a wonderful scholarship. The brave 17th year old left on the 10th August 2015, which also happened to be his birthday. He set off for Harcum Collage on a scholarship for soccer and will study sports management. When he arrived, Alistair sent a note to his proud mum, Mandy. It […]

Donation to Blantyre Foodbank

Blantyre Telegraph makes a donation to Blantyre Foodbank of £25, handed into Mo at his Family Shopper store in High Blantyre. Another donation possible due to the recent sales of the Blantyre Telegraph newspaper. You can download the latest newspaper here https://theblantyretelegraph.wordpress.com/shop/

Blantyre Telegraph can be bought on shelves

Blantyre Telegraph will now also be sold on shop shelves! Announcing TWO brand new outlets to buy our newspaper. It’s with much excitement and gratitude, that we’re pleased to announce TWO brand new, local permanent outlets have been secured today, for selling The Blantyre Telegraph. From this weekend, you will be able to buy Blantyre’s […]

Return to “Old School” sweets

A nice little community story for today. Family Shopper Convenience store in High Blantyre’s Main Street has decided to stock jars of sweets. A return this week, to “old school” traditions of buying sweets by weight, something I’m sure many people in Blantyre will remember from their childhood. With over 40 choices of sweets, including […]