Remembrance 9/11


On this day, 18 years ago…. 
246 people arrived for their morning flights. 
2,606 people arrived for their working day in the office.
343 firefighters stepped into the unknown.
60 police officers charged to help.
8 paramedics saved lives

None of them were alive by 10:30am on 11th September, 2001. 

In a couple of brief, evil moments… life was never again the same, not just for those victims and their devastated families, but also for MILLIONS of people who watched events unfold live on TV as the Twin Towers in New York City tumbled to dust. 

Planet Earth’s humanity literally rippled in shocked horror.

As we all go about our business today (Wednesday), whether you’re at home, or in from work, perhaps on the school run….kiss the ones you love, snuggle them a little tighter, tell them you love them. Apart from family? Why not message or call them?

We have life, today. Right here. Right now. 

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