Blantyre Industrial Break ins

We’re hearing incoming reports of a spate of break-ins to different premises and vehicles at Blantyre Industrial Estate over last weekend, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September 2019.

A reminder to all business owners to make sure your doors and locks are in good order, any CCTV is active and be vigilant. There are some low individuals out there breaking into hard working people’s businesses.

A man told us this morning, “My works van got broken into with my tools taken. Strangely, low value items, but it’s the repair costs for the van and the thought of somebody doing his again that makes me ragin.”

Another local lady told Blantyre Telegraph, “My Mum and Dad (who are in there 80’s) have had a business there for over 40 years. Last week someone tried to break in and it was reported to the police. It took them 5 days to come out. The thief then came back last night and broke in through the back security door.”

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