Asda Renovation Update

A little update on the progress of Asda’a renovation.

The cafe has already been renovated fully and you may have noticed, the larger foyer entrance to the store. Now just with one main door in/out (which works!), the foyer is bright and spacious with flowers and kiosks now relocated. The new scan and go stand is located as soon as you walk in.

The outside is fast changing too. The grey slated pitched roofs of the early 80s are slowly being covered by vertical cladding, the colour chosen sympathetically to match the existing roof. It’s not just the store that is getting this done, the cladding will eventually wrap around Clydeview Shopping Centre giving this part of Blantyre a very different and more modern feel.

Beyond the ATMs, good progress has been made installing the click and collect lockers. Order your shopping and avoid the delivery charge by picking it up yourself. This will open shortly.

Finally, we’re thrilled to see ASDA engaging more with community with the erection of two massive, shiny new display boards. Prominently seen within the store behind the tills, these boards recognise and celebrate Blantyre’s heritage, one with David Livingstone and another with Blantyre’s Mining Heritage on display. A brilliant addition.


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