Ghost in the Tower

Local man Alexander Condie and his friend thought they would take their kids over to Bothwell last Saturday afternoon, but the pals got more than they bargained for, after spotting a ghost in Bothwell Castle!

Alexander was stunned later that sunny, warm day when looking back through his photos when he noticed a ghostly figure at a large window high up in the tower!

All the more strange as it was in a part normally closed off to public and he swears it was not there when he took the photo.

There has been numerous reports of Bothwell Castle being haunted and there’s a Blantyre connection too, when you consider it may have been the ghost of ‘Bonny Jane’, a lady who, hundreds of years ago was killed by a ferryman between Blantyre and Bothwell.

Legend has it, in the dead of night the ferryman can sometimes be seen, and from the ruins of the old Blantyre Priory the signal lamp can still be seen at midnight, with the phantom ‘Bonny Jane’ seen from Bothwell Tower!

You can read the full detailed, spooky story of ‘Bonny Jane’ here:

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