Blind Lady Robbed

A woman who is registered as blind was robbed today at her home in Viewfield Avenue, Blantyre.

Between 12 midday and 12.30, in broad daylight today, Tuesday 29 October 2019 a lowlife thief or thieves broke into a residents house in Viewfield Avenue in the Village, Blantyre.

Breaking in through the door causing some damage, the house was ransacked with a substantial amount of money and jewellery stolen. The woman who lives there is disabled and registered as blind.

Her angry daughter in law told us, “The money will be gone but lots of sentimental/ personalised jewellery which is irreplaceable.”

This evening, whilst locks and door are being renewed, we’ve arranged a £50 voucher for the lady, handing it to her family this evening. It may not be much, given what a horrible day its been for her, but was warmly appreciated.

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