Blantyre Toy Drive Reminder

A last reminder that there’s just 11 days left for our annual “Blantyre Toy Drive”!

This successful campaign has ran annually for the last few years, collecting toys and is designed to put a smile on Blantyre children’s faces this festive period. As before, it aims specifically to benefit many dozens of Blantyre children.

We’re excited once again to partner with Blantyre Community Committee, local travel agents Glen Travel and welcoming support of Blantyre Soccer Academy this year, to host the “Blantyre Christmas Toy Drive 2019”

This amazing jointly run campaign, launched on 22nd October 2019 and runs until 22nd November, aiming to collect many new toys for children, both boys and girls from babies to 10 year olds.

But we need YOUR help!

It’s going ok with many people already donating toys worth £5 or less. It’s always been a tremendous success in previous years, but needs a little boost his year, so we hope you continue to support!

Dozens of new toys of varying value will be given out to children at Blantyre’s forthcoming Festive Event by Santa himself!! Children attending Santa’s grotto at Stonefield Public Park on Sunday 24th November 2019 will be delighted to receive a very worthwhile, quality gift.

Put a Smile on a Blantyre childs face

As always, Blantyre Toy Drive success relies entirely upon YOUR kind assistance! We’re hoping church groups, schools, clubs will all get behind this and support the campaign by taking part, as well as individuals, that’s YOU sitting there at home.


1. Buy any toy(s) with a value of no more than £5 and as many as you want, then hand it in to Glen Travel’s shop at Glasgow Road (opposite Station Road junction), Blantyre during midweek or Saturday opening hours.

2. Or alternatively, donate whatever you wish financially at the Official Committee Donation Page here from the comfort of your own home: so they can buy the toys directly. 

With YOUR help, Santa’s Grotto will be a marvel for those young children this year, and quality brand new gifts given out for them to take home.

The annual Blantyre Toy Drive is important. It helps address poverty and promotes community spirit to the best of our collective ability. Hamilton and surrounding towns run something similar on a huge scale, so we hope for your support too.

It’s YOUR chance to put something back into the community, and spread some festive happiness.
Important: We’re not looking for second hand toys, only new, unboxed items of any value up to and including £5. Why not get your local church, school, group, pub or organisation to help or donate? 

Please try to donate something, even £1 will buy a present. 

Thank you sincerely. Blantyre’s festive miracle! Please share. #BlantyreToyDrive

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