Raising Awareness Motor Neurone Disease

An important post, shared here with permission to raise awareness about Motor Neurone Disease. (MND)

David Balmer, a local man was recently diagnosed with MND and immediately both David and his partner Claire, a member of Block 9 gym wanted to do something to raise awareness.

MND is a disease which affects muscles within the body and can affect both children and adults at any stage in their lives. While each patient is affected differently, they all cause movement-related symptoms, mainly muscle weakness.

Block 9 in Blantyre Industrial Estate have been very kind in giving David a complimentary gym membership , to help with his treatment and physiotherapy.

So on 8th January 2020, David made the brave step into the gym and has decided to chart his progress on a dedicated Youtube channel. The positive attitude David and Claire have taken is incredibly inspiring.

We wish David all the very best in his efforts and intend to follow his remarkable story.

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