Update from Tenerife

Following up on our story yesterday about the 2 Blantyre women who are currently in lockdown in a Tenerife Hotel due to coronavirus. We have an update today, direct from the scene.

Karen and her friend Phoebe are in good spirits, despite the ordeal still unfolding around them. For a second day they’ve been confined to the hotel, not able to leave.

With a translator present, the women were seen last night by medics and are currently allowed out of rooms (within the hotel) if wearing masks. During the tests, there were many doctors in the hotel.

It’s been confirmed there are 160 British Nationals in the Hotel and SKY News is reporting this evening that they may have to remain there in isolation for 14 days along with many hundreds of people of other Nationalities. The hotel, despite nobody being allowed in or out, is looking after guests and the British Consulate have been in touch with all British Nationals, something we can confirm, with letters given to each.

Karen told us, “I’m missing my girl and there’s still no official word about getting home. The hotel is nice. We’re being treated very well. Despite everything, we can still go outside (within the hotel complex) and sunbathe with our masks on.”

The health of all guests is currently being monitored and some people have chosen to stay in their rooms avoiding any contact with people. We wish Karen and Phoebe all the best over the coming days and hope their situation, and indeed for everybody in the hotel is resolved safely and quickly.


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