Day 4 of 21: A Different kind of Weekend

The weekend is soon upon us. A weekend unlike anything we’ve ever experienced here in the UK. As we sit in our homes in this lockdown with little opportunity to be outdoors, Saturday and Sunday may very well feel like any other day this previous, difficult week.

The streets are mostly empty, cars parked up at the side of the roads. The shops are quiet and it would appear most people are abiding by the government’s advice during these complex times.

First, the positives. There are some signs that initial panic buying is slowing up and the shops are thankfully well stocked, with only a few items out of supply. Queues at chemists are noticeably shorter than they were at the start of the week, though you’ll still have a wait due to social distancing measures. So many examples of people helping each other with good support in place online and by volunteering offline.

Our whole community is slowly, but surely getting used to a new temporary way of living and the measures taken to combat this disease is having on all our lives. From the quietness of the skies above caused by lack of aviation activity, the way and where we’re working, closure of certain parks or simply being unable to jump in your cars and travel somewhere, we’re all slowly having to adapt.

Of course, its all necessary. As today’s news about the Prime Minster testing positive shows and recent news about younger people being hospitalised, nobody is immune or safe from catching Covid-19. It’s a very serious threat to all of us and here in Lanarkshire, it’s the area of Scotland with the second highest number of positive cases. It’s a wake up call for us all in this area, NOT to abuse the advice.

The government advice is stay home, protect the NHS, save lives.

Staying in a home with running water, food, electricity and broadband in a lot of instances with people you love, is still a blessing during these hard times. But let’s not forget those who may be running low on food, are infirm, vulnerable, isolated, or unable to be with loved ones at this time, due to being in higher risk categories.

It’s those people we need to be looking out for most.

and looking out for them we all will. Be kind. Be safe and well. Let’s get through this together.

Covid-19 Support for the Blantyre Area can be found here:

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