Day 17 of 21: Lockdown, Easter & Unicorns

Tonight would for many people under ‘normal circumstances’, have been the start of a long weekend of Easter Holidays. Tomorrow is good Friday and we hope you all have a Happy Easter.

Public holiday days coming and going are a reminder of course of the liberties most of us have currently given up. They may feel just like any other day at the moment, but for those working from home or still having to work in essential services, a rare day off or two is welcome.

We think too and applaud the NHS and key workers who have to work this holiday weekend.

Our countdown to the next review unfortunately is fast heading towards it being extended. This, day 17 of 21, may actually be day 17 of 35, or 49, or even longer! The message remains the same, even in the Easter Holidays.

Stay at Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

Its good to see most of us are respecting this and Blantyre’s streets are largely empty. The strain is taking its toll on some families and for others, being at home with their children is a blessing. Haven’t the kids especially done so well being cooped up for such a long time. Making their own entertainment and coping well!?

Like for example Blantyre’s Kristie Taylor (6) . The David Livingstone Primary School pupil according to her mum is doing so well under these circumstances, never complains, always has a smile . Kristie would like this picture posted for all the Blantyre kids at home. Its a photo of her on her big , toy Unicorn! Making her own entertainment to make people smile.

Stay safe everybody and Happy Easter.

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