Easter Egg for Every Child!

Easter Weekend has been made a little brighter this year, thanks to an incredible campaign to provide an Easter Egg for EVERY Blantyre child!

The idea came from Blantyre resident, Sharon McCafferty who last week set out to organise a chocolate easter egg for every single child in the town. A tall order and difficult task that has never been attempted before!

Within days, she had a long list of kind volunteers collating information for each street with numbers of children. As the campaign grew momentum, plenty of offers of donations from businesses and individuals helped make the plan come true!

As of this morning, a list of 2,028 names has been compiled and eggs bought to cover most of them. Donations for the rest can be handed into Family Shopper in High Blantyre, where the eggs are being safely stored.

Along with several other moderators, Sharon also manages the popular ‘Blantyre Official Coronavirus Support Group” (BOCS) which has seen 2,000 people join in the last 3 weeks, a significant proportion of Blantyre’s residents. The community led page has been a godsend for lots of people in this time of crisis, with a whole range of support, advice and Covid related stories, reaching out first and foremost to the vulnerable and those most in need of some help.

Combined with the incredible offline efforts of organisations such as the foodbanks at Terminal One and Nazarene Hall and the efforts of many shops and businesses and key workers, it’s greatly helped chart Blantyre’s own course through this health crisis.

For now though, we hope all the kids enjoy their eggs and congratulate Sharon on such dedication and commitment. Well done to her and indeed everybody involved in this endeavour!


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