Taping Off Playpark Equipment

We’ve had a few messages over the last week about children’s Playparks apparently still being open. This is NOT the case. All South Lanarkshire Public Playpark equipment is still off limits and NOT to be used.

It looks like the problem is some of the red tape the council wrapped around chutes, slides, swings and climbing frames on 6th April has either come off, or been pulled off. Certainly that was the case in Kirkton Park in High Blantyre when youths were observed pulled off the red tape within 24 hours.

Do not use playpark equipment during Covid lockdown. Doing so puts not just yourself (regardless of age) at risk, but is also putting others at risk too as the virus can exist on metal and plastic surfaces for many hours.

If you notice any playpark equipment in Blantyre without tape in a public space, please do comment below and we’ll bring it to the attention of authorities.


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