Back to the 70’s

What a mess! But this isn’t Blantyre. It’s nearby in East Kilbride.

This week, residents there decided to form their own rubbish pile in the middle of their community, dumping bags of waste and even emptying their wheelie bins, in a mountain, right amongst their homes!

Being at home may create some more waste than normal, tips are still closed and wheelie bins are filling fast, but really, is there any need for this?! Council workers had to respond before the environmental hazard became plagued by rats.

There are solutions before having to revert to these drastic measures. Small waste companies like Fraser Waste Management (found on Facebook) will remove a full black bin bag from your kerbside for only £2. Perhaps a neighbour would let you put an occasional bag in their bin too?

In Blantyre, we’re proud of our community, keeping our neighbourhood clean and tidy. We’re sure EK is too, but a tiny proportion of people crossed a line here. Let’s never have to resort to scenes like this….which looks like the horrors of some 1970’s waste collection strike. Thank you to the vast majority of residents who are looking out for one another with pride in Blantyre’s appearance.

Have your say. Is it time for SLC to open tips on certain days with social distancing measures in force? Is that even possible just now?

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