Little Hallie Walsh

The way we report news has certainly changed in the last month. In the middle of all this Covid related news though is a fantastic news story, with the arrival of a new life!

Meet little Hallie Walsh, a baby born last week. Her mum Holly told us, “My partner and I had our first baby on the 15th April. She couldn’t wait to come out and see what this world was all about!”

Hallie was 7 weeks and 2 days early, not due until the 4th June 2020 weighing just 4lbs 2oz. With things difficult for most people just now, little Hallie remains in the amazing care of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. The staff there are doing an amazing job of looking after her and thankfully her parents can see her every single day. Her mum added, “She is a reason to keep going through all this madness!”

Welcome to the world, Hallie.

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